Name someone who doesn’t love shopping and I bet you’ll spend the entire day thinking who in the world doesn’t like it. Grocery, gadgets, clothes, toys, luxury items and many more can be the items you will purchase when you are on a shopping spree.

And then it’s sale! Payday sale and it’s overflowing with freebies and discount. You try your hardest not to look at malls or that 70% signage but you can’t resist it. You finally gave up and bought that item you’ve been craving for. Besides, it’s payday, you have your salary, what can stop you anyway?  You went home feeling satisfied with the latest phone and shoes you have bought but wait, you forgot something very important! Its the bills and due date lurking around the corner and reminding you they don’t care how happy you are.

Don’t fret! You can still enjoy those mall sales and discounts while being responsible for all your financial obligations. What you need is just proper money handling, budget and of course, be wise if you go shopping.

Do you know the secret to price tags? or have you ever wondered what’s the difference in 49.99 AUD when they can price it as 50.00 AUD?

The secret lies within that very minimal difference. If you will observe and look again at 49.99 it seems cheaper than 50.00 right? of course, but just a .1 difference and its the same as 50.00. Can you buy something now at 00.01? No? or maybe yes. But the point is that they use this very little difference to hypnotize customers by making it look like cheaper or lesser. That’s a very deep underground marketing strategy there. Remember to consider the remainder in prices when buying or shopping, if you collect those, you can ever make a hundred dollar. Nothing small is less important.

Now that it’s time for the Christmas season, malls and business are working on strategies to indulge their customers by using different secret techniques so got to be smart, spend less and save more.

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