How was your day? I bet you’re all home now, relaxing and ready to have dinner. We have a surprising news for you!

RemitWisely has recently launched a new look and features for you to enjoy! Since we all want to give you guys the best experience and attractive website, we have decided and started a project to upgrade our website’s system, look and features.

What’s new?

We’ve upgraded new security features for your personal and private security. We know how easy it is to get attacked by cybercriminals nowadays and by that, we’ve added double layers of security protocol which is known as One Time Password and 2 Factor Authentication. One Time Password is required for every transaction you made and every time you log in to the website. For every money transfer you make, your OTP will be requested to validate that it’s really you who’s doing the money transfer and not a hacker or a criminal. Be reminded that your OTP password must not be shared with anyone else and must only be exclusive to your own knowledge.

The 2 Factor Authentication is also an added security layer which makes use of your email and mobile number to verify and match your details. It requires you to install the Google Authenticator app so you won’t have any problems in case you forgot your password. Take note to save the recovery codes sent to you because you will need this and keep those codes a secret.

Also, we’ve upgraded our exchange rates database to give you a better, live and concise rates when you send money. There’s also a new tab where you can track the status of your transaction. Simply put there the reference number and you’ll see the status if it’s already claimed by your recipient or still pending. Of course, our customer service team are always here to help and guide you if you’ve encountered issues or errors along the way.

You can also check our Blog section and have some good reads. We have interesting topics varying from Finance, Community or Leisure.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and Remit Wisely now!

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