Hey there Mate! So you’ve heard the country Philippines right? Some can even say they have been there already. But if you just are heading to that country from two weeks now?

The Philippines is one of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region and yes when a country lives in the Pacific, expect breathtaking beaches. The Philippines is home to world-class beaches, a tourist hotspot for most travelers. Its nature is so beautiful you might want to retire and spend the rest of your life there. It can certainly marry you and tie you up with its charming nature and people.

Did that make you excited even more? Just hold on tight and soon you’ll experience the wonderful things about the Philippines. but before that, you must have some Tagalog words with you because not all people in there are fluent in English. Yes or No is a basic conversation but of course, you need some extra words to ask some questions effectively in the local residents.

Okay. Let’s start with the greeting words

ENGLISH WORD                                                 TAGALOG WORD

Hello, Good day!                           –                       Mabu-hay!

How are you?                                 –                       Kamus-ta?

I’m happy                                        –                       Masaya ako


Then, the compliment words:

ENGLISH WORD                                                 TAGALOG WORD

Thank you                                       –                       Salamat

Beautiful                                          –                       Maganda

I love you                                          –                       Mahal kita


We’ve also added these basic Tagalog words that might be useful:

ENGLISH WORD                                                 TAGALOG WORD

Where is (name of place)?              –                    Saan ang ________?

How much?                                        –                    Magkano?

Who is (name of person)?               –                    Sino si _______?

Yes                                                       –                     OO

No                                                        –                     Hindi


But of course, in the Philippines, you need to pay respect to senior people. You can do this by simply just adding “Po” in your sentences like ” Thank you Po” or “I’m happy Po” or you can just smile while talking to them. Either way, I hope you will enjoy your stay at the Philippines and bring home some good memories.

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