It’s almost 74 days before Christmas! Oh, but we also do not forget that Halloween is coming first! It’s that time for horror movies for grown up and trick or treats for kids, and of course, a break from office work for daddies and mommies. Two more weeks and its the Halloween season. Have you already prepared how you and the kids will spend that holiday? We can stay at home, watch horror movies and eat popcorns or takeout, but we know, this only happens once a year and we don’t want to be the one that causes our kid’s lonely moments.

If you haven’t thought of it yet, or you’re still planning what to do, let us give a few tips.


  1. Before the party cut several strips of paper; about twice as many strips as there are children.
  2. On half of the strips write the word ‘treat’. On the other half write ‘trick’ with a trick such as “hop on one foot””, “pat your head and rub your belly”.
  3. Place all of the strips in a Halloween bag.
  4. Have the children form a circle. Walk around the circle. Each player draws a paper out of the bag and performs a trick or receives a treat such as a sticker, Halloween pencil or small piece of candy. (Be sure all kids receive a treat!)


  1. Spread a pile of wrapped candy on a table or large tray. (If there is a large group-do this in several areas.)
  2. Give each child a container (small bag, bowl, or paper cup).
  3. Set a timer for 30 seconds and have kids put as much candy into their containers — without using their hands.
  4. When time is up, everyone gets to keep the candy they maneuvered into their containers.



If you’re looking for a costume, here’s one easy do it yourself. Just an inflatable or pillow donut will do. Add some pumpkin basket as a prop and you’re done! If you want to make the sprinkles real, just get the cone of the tissue papers and then colour it, attached it to the donut base and you’re done!

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