How is RemitWisely going to make a difference?
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We are committed to surpass our consumer's expectations
We are committed to surpass our consumer's expectations for we aim to sincerely serve an engaged global community.
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fast Transfer
Provide our consumers real-time transfer services across the globe at any time, any place.
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various pay-out methods
Allow consumers from all walks of life access to transfer funds to far corners of the earth through various pay-out methods.
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Effectively create value on the lives of our consumers
Effectively create value on the lives of our consumers and their recipients for every dollar flowing across the border.

To provide customer-focused, secure and fast money transfer services empowering everyone globally, to feel and make a real difference each time a dollar has to move across the border.

To become a leading money transfer service paving the way for financial inclusion and improved lives globally.

The journey to RemitWisely is a courageous effort of a team of talents who wanted to create an impact in the consumer money transfer landscape by making available to you safe and secure improved services made possible by disruptive innovation and technology in the financial services industry.

RemitWisely Inception

RemitWisely is a trading name of AUSREMIT PTY LTD registered on ASIC on May 16, 2016 and approved by AUSTRAC on July 8, 2016 to operate as an Independent Remittance Dealer and on February 2, 2017 as a Remittance Network Provider in Australia.

RemitWisely provides money transfer or remittance services from Australia to over 200 countries in the world with 30+ currencies in one platform. The company aims to add to its services new corridors to service the need or demand of the market. In addition, RemitWisely will also add payment methods that would equally cater to both the digital world, the banked or the un-banked world.

The company strives to be at the fore-front of Financial Knowledge and Technology to continually adapt improvements that will benefit the customers and speed-up the flow of finances globally.

Behind every great service is an Amazing Team
Debbie Latoza, Managing Director
Debbie Latoza
Managing Director
Anupama Nagumothu, Partner Relations Manager
Anupama Nagumothu
Partner Relations Manager
Faye Santos, Events & Marketing Manager
Faye Santos
Events & Marketing Manager
Alvin Shih, Technology Solutions Architect
Alvin Shih
Technology Solutions Architect