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Why RemitWisely is a wise choice
We have a reliable and easy to use platform.
Fast Delivery
Your loved ones will get your money right when they need it.
Competitive Rates
We will make you smile with our daily excellent rates and low fees.
Great Team
We have a great team ready to serve you via our support channel.
Safe & Secure
You can trust us with your money and personal data.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We care a lot about your satisfaction and appreciate your feedback so we can serve you better.
We offer you various options to send your money
Bank Transfer
Transfer to a bank account which may take between 1-3 days depending on your local bank processing times.
A faster option to send funds to a bank account which may take between 10 minutes to 24 hours.
Cash Pick Up
Your Beneficiary can collect in cash from various collection points.
Digital Wallet
Allows you to transfer funds to a payee's digital wallet and let's them receive the funds in real-time.
We are committed to protecting your personal data
Comodo Secure
Each transaction you do on our website is executed on a secure connection.
Google Authenticator
Extra-security with 2-step authentication for your peace of mind.
AUSTRAC Regulated
Regulated and in alliance with AUSTRAC against money laundering and terrorism financing.
Here are different methods to pay us